Welcome to the S.O.A.R. Community Network (SCN), where we help each other see, own, articulate, and release our unique messages and missions to the world. 

Our Programs:

Learn more about our retreats, corporate workshopsSOAR messaging and marketing consultation, and podcasting services. Let us motivate you to map out your vision and mission, uncover your unique differentiators and release them to your intended audience and market. Whether your are a corporate executive, business professional or an entrepreneur, our SOAR programs can guide you to uncovering strengths and help you to see, own, articulate and release your unique message and mission to ideal customers and clients, colleagues, upper management or executive team.  SOAR Community Network Access our motivational interviews, inspiring television show, Tea with Mali, informational podcasts, and discounts on affiliate products and services to keep you on course as you live out your legacy in business and in life. Check out our SOAR business directory. If your brand or business supports helping others SOAR, list your business and let’s connect, communicate and collaborate.   SOAR Community Network Programs Photo